QuickBooks vs FreshBooks | Total Comparison and Reviews

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Deciding a business accounting software out of all present in the market is not at all like deciding a dish to order from a menu. As there is a vast range of solutions available for the same. 

Talking about FreshBooks, we get outstanding invoicing along with the process of the payment still majority of accountants and bookkeepers prefer QuickBooks over the former one. In the following text the comparison of both is briefed.

QuickBooks is for you..

If you have a small business. QuickBooks giving extra features at almost the same price is advantageous. For any phase or level of company even for self-employed ones,

QuickBooks serves. Also they hold the gigantic number of professionals for your accounting and bookkeeping-related needs.

FreshBooks is for you..

If you are a freelancer or if you are running a small business whether alone or with employees and you need tracking of total hours for the work was done. Because

FreshBooks has an advanced time tracking tool which generates a bill according to the time spent on the project. Multi business handling is also possible with FreshBooks and that too with the same account.


While there are many things one accounting software should include in services. These are some topics we had our hands on : COST (money matters !), 

SETUP process, complexity while using it, INVOICE facilities, BILLING administration, User management (multi user support) and finally CUSTOMER SUPPORT.

FACTORS we considered for evaluating FreshBooks vs QuickBooks:  

  1. Budget – Services according to their cost ( everyone wants more services in less price )
  2. SETUP and operating – setup time requirement and handling skills (if someone unfamiliar with accounting uses it )
  3. Administration and billings – Creating invoices and to have status of  the payments (to keep an eye on paid and unpaid bills)
  4. Multiuser support – Providing access for data to another user (how many users can have access to the data ? )
  5. Customer support – On any query How good support is given ?

Following of the study and as a result, we also had the same preference as most of the accountants have : Quickbook it is. Though FreshBooks has also done great in every area but one loose point which captured our attention was their accounts payable management.  

This evaluation was done after really a hectic process where all the points were studied with the minimum requirements matching for both the platforms.

QuickBooks is giving accounts payable facility for moderate range and high cost range plans. But to succeed in your cash flow and having a place in the market you need to have a track of how much you owe to the suppliers.  

That is one of the main ingredients of a dish of successful business. That is what makes QuickBooks On the top of the list for accountants.

Cost and Excellency of FreshBooks and QuickBooks

When it comes to pricing, FreshBooks and QuickBooks both have a plan for every budget. Base plan for both the products is $15 per month.

Whereas the costliest one is $50 a month as FreshBooks Premium and $60 a month as QuickBooks Online Plus.

QuickBooks is ahead because of  1099 contractor reporting, budget/forecasting, and accounts payable options which Freshbook lacks.

Still FreshBooks holds a great ability to streamline the invoicing and payment process.

Cost and Excellency of QuickBooks

QuickBooks differentiates prices of the plans according to the features provided.  

With the least amount of features QuickBooks Simple Start costs only $15 a month same as FreshBooks Lite.

Essentials and Plus plans are almost similar but Plus plans provide inventory tracking, 1099 tracking, budgeting, and forecasting additionally. 

QuickBooks Online Plans Categories

  • QuickBooks Online Simple Start 

It’s most suitable for service-based businesses where there are only two users. With no accounts payable functionality included, payment for bills  needs to be done online or using a credit card as check can’t be a mode of payment.

  • QuickBooks Online Essentials

It’s also suitable for the same but if the users are counted to five. Accounts  payable services are also included in this plan. That gives an ease for printing checks and completing payments for the bills directly via QuickBooks.

  • QuickBooks Online Plus

For product-based businesses “ This is the Plan ”. As it improves purchasing and sales tracking. Additional to Essentials plan it includes  inventory tracking, 1099 tracking, budgeting, and forecasting.

  • QuickBooks Self-Employed

It’s also a QuickBooks product which was not discussed earlier. Suggestable for Freelancers as book-keepers and web designers or even uber/ola drivers. It helps you track your expenses, Income, Mileage and to have your data in Tax return softwares or applications.

From all of the studies this is what the particular points as a strong or a loose concern comes up for QuickBooks and FreshBooks.

  • Integrations with Banks and Credit cards

QuickBooks allows connectivity with Banks and Credit cards in every version.    What that means is, you don’t need to enter data manually into your software ( just saved some time and efforts ). Withal generating a reconciliation report is a key part with QuickBooks as FreshBooks does not provide that facility.

  • Accounts Receivable & Payable Management

Full accounts receivable facilities are given in all QuickBooks plans. It makes it easy and time saving to generate invoices, tracking payments and to have an aging reports. That gives a strong hand on open customer invoices. Now, On accounts payable management QuickBook is handy with its QuickBooks Online Plus. With that you can pay your bills with either option when they are due and cash flow gets managed easily. Woefully FreshBooks is not providing this feature in any plan. 

  • Access to multi Users

QuickBooks allows two or more users in every plan. Again that makes it better as FreshBooks plans only allow one user. 

Users allowedAccountant users allowed 
QuickBooks online simple start11
QuickBooks online essentials32
QuickBooks online plus52
  • Time Tracking

You can have a track of the hours spent on a project by your employee or contractor so that you can charge accordingly to the customer. It also includes  a feature of adding activity in a project. That you can charge for also. But this feature is only Supported in QuickBooks Online Essentials and QuickBooks Online Plus. 

  •  1099 Reporting for Contractors

This means you can have a track of payments made to 1099 contractors for the whole of the year. It gives tremendous ease for having a handy data when issuing  1099 forms. QuickBooks gives this feature while FreshBooks does not.

  • Budgeting and Forecasting

This tool is not at all provided by majority of the accounting software programs. QuickBooks is one of the few who do and FreshBooks ain’t one of them. After running the business for a year or two it’s beneficial to start having a budget for that year and measure ground reality of your expected earnings and payments. For business expansion this tool can help you taking accurate decisions and understanding trends. 

  • Inventory Tracking

This tool helps you have a track of all the record about purchased goods for resale. For measured business decisions it really helps a lot as one will always have up-to-date inventory about sold figures of goods. For a sack FreshBooks does not have this feature also.

  • Payroll Process

For payroll, QuickBooks has its own service named as Intuit Online Payroll which after integration, allows you to process payroll for your employees. While FreshBooks asks you to buy for Gusto Payroll. Though Intuit Online Payroll also charges some amount for this per month.

  • Online Payments Acceptance

Here also, QuickBooks offers its own Credit Card processing service named as QuickBooks Payments. Usable in any of QuickBooks plan. It charges average fees around 2.3% to 3.4% along with 25 cents for a transaction. Stripe or PayPal is what FreshBooks offers for credit card processing.

Cost and Excellency of FreshBooks

FreshBooks also differentiates prices of the plans according to the features provided.  

With the least amount of features the Lite plan costs only $15 a month. While Plus and Premium plans offer everything same except the number of clients it can have. Numbers are 50 clients for plus and 500 for premium. 

FreshBooks Online Plans Categories

  • FreshBooks Lite

Service based businesses with only Five customers a month can prefer this plan. Also you need to get the payment at the same time you provide service. As accounts payable is not provided you can’t extend payment terms to a client as you will be paying bills online or using credit cards. 

  • FreshBooks Plus

Service based businesses with only fifty invoiced clients a month can opt this plan. For Payments of bills it also is identical to the FreshBooks Lite as you only can pay online or with a credit card.

  • FreshBooks Premium 

Service based businesses with upto 500 invoiced clients a month should have this plan. As discussed unpaid bills tracking needs to be done outside of FreshBooks as accounts payable is not available.

  • FreshBooks Select

This plan is ideal for businesses with over 500 clients or which have bills of $150k a year or more than that. Though no extra features are given than the other plans but it’s lower payment processing fees can give a plus for companies with high volume clients.

From all of the studies this is what the particular points as a strong or a loose concern comes up for the FreshBooks over the QuickBooks.

  • Integrations with Banks and Credit cards

FreshBooks allows connectivity with unlimited numbers of Banks and credit cards. That means  you don’t need to enter data manually into your software same as QuickBooks. But , manual reconciliation of bank and credit card accounts is required in FreshBooks.

  • Accounts Receivable & Payable Management

FreshBooks comes in when the talk is about custom invoicing capabilities. Attractive customization is possible in many provided templates as Brand colors and any field or column or by adding a Company logo. Apart from that customer payment tracking and running aging report is also possible. It does not provide accounts payable service so tracking unpaid bills is out of scope here. Though you can download paid bills to FreshBooks.

  • Access to multi Users

Unlike QuickBooks, FreshBooks only allows 1 user and for every plan. Additional user can get access but with paying $10 a month and that is also a per user charge. 

  • Time Tracking

Absolute win of FreshBooks over the QuickBooks in this category. Time tracking is possible with timer and as well as manually. Contractors, Employees or clients can be invited to track their time if needed.       Also running detailed reports, is available to keep an eye on the progress of each project.

  • Sending Automated Payment reminders

Reminders for invoices being due or getting past due to make your customers aware of that, Sending this reminders can be scheduled automated here with either case ‘invoice is due’ or ‘invoice past due’ or for both. Even QuickBooks Online Plus is not providing this feature. 

  • Setting Up Multi Businesses

With only one sign-in, toggling between many businesses is what we can set up with this. FreshBooks gives 30 days trial for each new business. Following to that current pricing is subjected to that. Alas QuickBooks is only allowing one business per account. 

  • 1099 Reporting for Contractors

Sadly this feature is not included by FreshBooks, which is available in Quickbooks. Manual tracking of this payments is needed outside of FreshBooks for 1099 forms at the yearly ending. 

  • Budgeting and Forecasting

For this also QuickBooks Online Plus wins as FreshBooks is not offering these services. With these features creating a budget for customers, jobs, income and expense accounts gets easier.

  • Inventory Tracking

And again here comes FreshBooks not giving a key feature scenario. For product based businesses FreshBooks is not at all an ideal service. QuickBooks Online Plus is suggestable for them. As with that you can track all the product purchases and sales for your business.

  • Payroll Process

With QuickBooks you had its own payroll service but with FreshBooks you are supposed to buy Gusto payroll from FreshBooks Apps center. Then you can have calculated payroll checks and can process direct deposit payments and tax payment file and paying is also possible.

  • Online Payments Acceptance

Here something is similar luckily and that says with FreshBooks you can accept online payments same as QuickBooks. Integrating stripe is smooth here and that allows customer to pay their invoices online.

How easy it is to use QuickBooks or FreshBooks ?

Both the platforms have kept basic and user-friendly interface. Language is also used simple throughout the platforms so that someone who is an outsider of accounting or book-keeping world also can use it smoothly. 

Is QuickBooks Online easy to use ?

Dashboard containing five sections is really a key point here. Which includes Left menu bar, marvellous invoices, Expenses overview, profit and loss panels, sales graph. Navigation to different panels is effortless as left menu bar is up for services. Everything is available on the dashboard all the time and that eliminates the process of creating an overall report.

This is what every section serves from the dashboard

  1. Left Menu Bar – Gives access to almost major tasks such as invoice generation  or related to bank accounts or reports.                                     
  2. Invoice – Here you can checkout how much your customers owe you along with deposited and undeposited amounts collected from the customers.
  3. Expenses – For a certain time period it displays the total expenses with main categories such as ‘Maintenance & Repairs’ and ‘Job expenses’ and ‘Cost of goods sold’. 
  4. Profit and Loss – Even without generating a report it measures and displays total profit/loss.  
  5. Sales – Keeping an eye on your monthly sales is what you can do with it. Accordingly you can understand trends and implement changes if needed. 

How easy FreshBooks is to use ?

Just like the former one, here also you get simple but on point key information. Which includes accounts receivable balance, profit figures and last but not the least left menu bar for the navigation purpose.  

This is what every section serves from the dashboard

  1. Left Menu Bar – As discussed previously, it’s work is ditto but the tasks are different. Here it has invoice generation, enter expenses and create a new project.
  2. Create New – Just by clicking the drop-down button you can easily create new invoices, expenses or note down time spent on a project.
  3. Outstanding revenue – Have a strong hand on unpaid customer invoices. Includes a colored panel that specifies overdue invoices in red and invoices still not due in yellow.
  4. Total Profit – Based on a preferred time frame, you can study your profits on the bottom line without the process of creating a report.

Customer Services in FreshBooks and QuickBooks

After purchasing from either platform you will get unlimited help whenever you seek. Both platforms have included this facility in their monthly plan. 

Customer Services in QuickBooks

You can contact support rep using your telephone. Following the modern trends, Quickbooks also includes a chat feature and that too directly from your QuickBooks account. Another way is to visit QuickBooks learn and support page where you can  checkout their articles, videos on how to and also FAQs.

Customer Services in FreshBooks

If you want a human to solve your problem then FreshBooks has provided that facility too. You can send them an Email or they also have a FAQ section which has majorly everything you would want to know with comprehensive information on how to XYZ on FreshBooks. Their Email address is : help@freshbooks.com.

Integrations in FreshBooks and QuickBooks

Both the platforms can get integrated with tons of other software. When it comes to complicated inventory needs, neither one is efficient on that. App centre is a place where you can figure out which service works for you with either platform. 

Integrations in QuickBooks

QuickBooks allows integration with more than half a housand software programs. Where QuickBooks online allows integrations with a very little group which includes Gusto, Stripe, PayPal, Shopify and Square. QuickBooks also has in-built payroll and credit card processing facility which is not available in FreshBooks. You just need to turn it on when you are accepting online payment or hiring your first employee. That does not ask for any other app but yes, they may charge you additional fees. Believe me you Don’t want to miss the complete list of apps.

Integrations in FreshBooks

FreshBooks has integration facility with near a hundred software programs in which major important platforms are covered. For additional knowledge you can have your eyes around their FreshBooks integration page.

Lending solutions with FreshBooks and QuickBooks

For QuickBooks users who run a small business, Quickbooks provides a lending solution as QuickBooks Capital. Only in a year of existence, the funded amount is around $200 million as cumulative loans to small businesses by leveraging leading-edge data science to create a breakthrough credit model. At the time this article was being written, any lending solution was not included in FreshBooks.

Lending solutions in QuickBooks

QuickBooks Capital is available only for small business owners using Quickbooks for their book-keeping. They can apply for loans with a max amount of $100k and termed up to a year, which differentiates them from traditional lenders, Intuit holds the access of customer’s data, Which helps them for an insight into open invoices, forecast of the cash flow, Sales trends and profitability over time. With this knowledge, QuickBooks is able to have a customized loan to fulfill the needs of a small business.

Only pre-qualified candidate can apply for a loan through QuickBooks. By logging into QuickBooks file, you can check whether you have an invitation for applying a QuickBooks Capital loan or not. As most of the information is transferred from your QuickBooks file to the application you will only need a few minutes to apply. Usually, a decision is taken within two business days (maybe sometimes three) and funding happens within two days of approval.

 Intuit press release published on October 17, 2018 says that –

  • Nearly 40 out of 100 Quickbooks Capital Customers believe that for their expansion and improved business, received loan from QuickBooks Capital was a key factor. 
  • Almost 90% QuickBooks Capital customers agreed that this loan helped them grow their business.  

Lending Solutions in FreshBooks

FreshBooks Does not include any lending solution at this moment.

Customer reviews for FreshBooks and QuickBooks

Reviews are overall fair for both the platforms. QuickBooks mobile app impressed many customers still with a suggestion that customer service needs to be improved. Where as FreshBooks makes a strong impression with its stellar invoicing and payment process but fails to perform many important factors which are necessary for an accounting program.

Customer reviews for QuickBooks

QuickBooks customers said that the app is smooth on any mobile devices ‘as a positive’ and Its customer service team is loose and unreliable at times ‘as a negative’. Even for me, though as a QuickBooks ProAdvisor, calling them for any support is still a hit or miss kind of a game because its not certain that their rep will be able to answer the queries. But yes, chat support team works perfectly on their role.

You can checkout their QuickBooks Online customer review page for more.

Customer reviews for FreshBooks

FreshBooks received positives for its invoicing and payment processing feature from small businesses.  Negatives were about many necessary features being absent (ex: financial statement generation, bank reconciliation).

You can checkout their FreshBooks customer review page for more.

When to go with an alternative

You can use Wave if buying an accounting software is still unaffordable for you but you want an improved tracking of your income and expenses. It’s a free accounting software which is efficient for managing accounts receivable, accounts payable, connecting your bank and credit card accounts, and running a detailed financial report.

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